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An Irishman, a Polish woman and a displaced American go on a game drive...

It's the start of a bad joke and the European Croc Networking Meeting. After a good number of days game driving, this group of croc researchers working in different parts of Europe came to the decision that we needed a meeting within Europe to bring together all the isolated pockets of research, conservation and industry.

We dove in with two main aims:

  1. Bring together croc experts in all fields of working with crocodilians that are based in Europe for networking and collaboration

  2. Offer a knowledge network and seek out opportunities for those keen to pursue a career working with crocodilians from the continent without them

We host an annual meeting where we showcase some highlights in short presentations from students, zoos, research, and industry. We have a dedicated networking activity at each meeting. We offer information on internships and opportunities globally. We've expanded to include a poster session, workshops and special sessions with the goal of producing valuable output.

One main goal in organising our annual meeting is to ensure it is affordable for students and people in early career stages. We therefore keep the registration fee to a minimum (around 10 euro) and offer a free accommodation option, generally camping. We want to make sure we are an accessible meeting for everyone interested in pursuing a career with crocodilians.

If you would like to host, sponsor or be involved, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or by email

We are registered in Denmark. CVR: 43438255

Our Hosts

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